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Fludioxanil – In-line Dip/Drench


  • Product

    Fludioxanil (Scholar) (Teacher)


  • Application Method

    In-Line Dip/Drench

  • Fruit Kind

    Nectarines, plums, prunes apricots and peaches

  • Application Rate

    130 ml/100 l water


  • Pathogen

    Brown rot (Monilinia spp.)

    Grey mold (Botrytis cinerea)

    Rhizopus rot (Rhizopus stolonifer)

  • Remarks

    Dip /Drench preferred application method if  fruit will be stored in bins for more than 1 weeks before packing

    Do not make more than one (1) post-harvest application to the fruit.

    Ensure that solution remains in suspension by using agitation.

    Dip/Drench fruit for at least 30 seconds and allow the fruit to drain and dry completely before packing.

    Ensure complete coverage of fruit.

    Dip/drench tanks can be topped up as per application rate (130 ml/100 l water)

    Replace solution when it gets dirty

  • Fungicide Group Code
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