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Sun Supreme
Sun Supreme.

Sun Supreme

Harvest Maturity

  • Skin Colour

    Not applicable.

  • Total Soluble Solids (TSS%)

    Minimum 10.5

  • Flesh Firmness

    Maximum :  10.5

    Minimum:   6.0 (Air freight 1.5 lower than minimum)

    Optimum :   8.0 (Not for inspection purposes)

    Note: Maximum flesh firmness may increase with 0.5 kg for each 1% increase  in the minimum  TSS.

  • Harvesting

    Generic information [PL2]

Other Quality Requirements At Pack

  • Quality Requirements

Packaging And Cold Storage

  • Internal Packaging (Standard Loose Pack)

    Standard 5 kg loose pack

    • Use 300 x 400 mm pulp or plastic trays.
    • Use 300 x 400 mm paper inter-sheet  between plums and top tray.
    • Use 300 x 400 mm white corrugated sheet (58 g) on top of the fruit .
  • Punnets

    No special requirement.

  • Other Packs

    Refer to stone fruit industry packaging guidelines Pome Stone Handling Protocols

  • Cold Storage
    • The default temperature regime for Sun Supreme plums is PD9. Harvest maturity, market and skin colour must be taken into consideration when selecting the shipping regime.
    • The maximum recommended cold storage period for Sun Supreme plums in the standard loose pack is 42 days from the harvest date.
    • Internal disorders develop exponentially during cold storage and cold storage should be as short as possible.
    • Sun Supreme plums normally have a high malic acid content and can arrive with an acidic taste in the market. Ripening at 18 to 20 °C is normally required after arrival in the market place to optimize taste.

    For Generic Information on handling after harvest, cooling, shipping and shipping regimes [PL4]

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