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Suplumeleven (Black Diamond®)
Black Diamond

Suplumeleven (Black Diamond®)

Harvest Maturity

  • Skin Colour

    No minimum for inspection. Note: Supermarkets may have specific requirements. Check with exporter.

  • Total Soluble Solids (TSS%)

    Minimum 12.0

  • Flesh Firmness

    Maximum :   8.0


    Minimum :   4.5

  • Harvesting

    Generic information [PL2]

Other Quality Requirements At Pack

  • Quality Requirements

Packaging And Cold Storage

  • Internal Packaging (Standard Loose Pack)

    4.5kg Perforated grape bag, 2 x pulp trays and 2 x tissue/mam sheets.

  • Punnets

    No additional packaging on clamshell, but open punnets require a perforated grape bag, 4.5 or 9kg, depending on the carton type.

  • Other Packs
    • If open packing format, pack with a liner or bag to minimize moisture loss.
    • Refer to stone fruit industry packaging guidelines Pome Stone Handling Protocols
  • Cold Storage

    Can be shipped with either single temperature at -0.5°C or at a dual temperature, such as PD7.  A dual temperature regime will result in a deeper red flesh colouration.

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