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Grey mould rot
Spread of decay to adjacent fruit, plum example.

Grey mould rot

  • Causal Pathogen
    Botrytis cinerea

The flesh of nectarines becomes brown with first lesion expression. The lesions are categorised as being firm, yet slightly soft, with an uneven margin. Spore masses of ash-grey / brown colour, cover the surface of infected fruit, as the fungus progresses. Botrytis cinerea is the causal pathogen.

The skin of the infected fruit readily slips away with a slight touch / sliding movement of one’s finger across the edge of the lesion. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘slip-skin’. The decayed tissue does not separate easily from healthy tissue. Spread of decay to adjacent fruit is common during storage.

Hortgro Decay Types Grey Mould Rot Nectarine Example
Grey colour spores on infected fruit.
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