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September Bright
September Bright

September Bright

Harvest Maturity

  • Skin Colour

    No minimum for inspection. Note: Supermarkets may have specific requirements. Check with exporter.

  • Total Soluble Solids (TSS%)

    Minimum: 11.2.

    Note: Supermarkets may have specific requirements. Check with exporter.

  • Flesh Firmness

    Maximum: 11.3

    Note: If the nectarine is fully developed, swelled out and mature and with a minimum average total soluble solids of 12%, the maximum pressure per fruit shall not exceed 13,6kg.

    Minimum: 4.5

  • Harvesting

    Generic information [NE2]

Other Quality Requirements At Pack

  • Quality Requirements

Packaging And Cold Storage

  • Internal Packaging (Standard Loose Pack)

    Standard 2.5 kg loose pack

    • Place shrivel sheet into carton with ends extending over the sides of the carton. A shrivel sheet of 400 mm x 800 mm with 48 perforations of 6mm in diameter is suggested. Shrivel sheets of different dimensions can be used but must overlap after folding over the fruit from both sides. Preferably, a perforated bag should be used.
    • Place 300 x 400 mm pulp or plastic trays on top of shrivel sheet at bottom of carton.
    • After packing fruit on trays fold shrivel sheet over fruit from both sides. The intention is to wrap the shrivel sheet around the fruit.
    • Place 300 x 400 mm white corrugated sheet (58 g) on top of shrivel sheet.

    Standard 5 kg double layer loose pack

    • Pack as above but put a 3 mm 300 x 400 mm foam pad on top of the fruit on bottom layer before placing the second tray into the carton.
  • Punnets

    No special requirement.

  • Other Packs


  • Cold Storage
    • September Bright nectarines can be cold stored for up to 28 days at single temperature.

    For more information on handling after harvest, cooling and shipping – see generic information [NE4] and for more information on air freight see [NE10]

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