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Hortgro Generic Info Wring Test Apricot Cross Section

Wring Test

The stone must separate easily from the flesh without flesh adhering to the visible half of the stone when fruit is cut with a knife around the suture of the apricot to the stone and the two halves of the…

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Flesh Firmness

Flesh firmness is not a maturity parameter for inspection.  However, it can be a useful tool to reduce the development of gel breakdown. The recommended flesh firmness as measured with a penetrometer fitted with a plunger of 6mm in diameter…

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Other Fruit Quality Requirements at Pack

Disorder The following quality requirements needs to be adhered to when packing apricots, i.e General appearance Shape Lenticelspots Dry cracks : Suture, Shoulder, Cheek Picking injuries Diameter Uniformity in size Ripeness Torn out stems Hailmarks Foreign matter : chemical, leaves…

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Hortgro Generic Info Gel Breakdown Apricots

Gel Breakdown

Definition Apricot  fruit  with  gel breakdown (GB)  have  a  normal  external  appearance but exhibit gelatinous breakdown of the inner flesh tissue surrounding the stone while the outer  flesh  tissue has a healthy appearance. With increasing severity the disorder spreads outwards,…

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Hortgro Generic Info Overripeness Apricots


Definition Overripeness (OR) in apricot fruit manifests as translucent breakdown of the flesh tissue below the fruit skin which spreads inwards towards the stone with increasing severity and from which cell fluids can be readily expressed. General information While internal…

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Definition Post-harvest decay relates to decay developing after the fruit have been harvested or during the handling and storage phase. Although decay development occurs after harvest, the process may manifest prior to harvest, while only emerging during storage. Losses during…

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Air Freight

Harvest maturity There is a misconception that apricots destined for air freight can or should be harvested significantly more mature. Transit temperatures for air-freight fruit vary depending on circumstances. However, in most cases air and fruit pulp temperature recordings on…

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