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Harvest Maturity

  • Skin Colour
    N.1A photo no 6. Supermarkets may have specific requirements. Check with exporter.
  • Total Soluble Solids (TSS%)
    No minimum. Note: Supermarkets may have specific requirements. Check with exporter.
  • Flesh Firmness

    Maximum : 11.3
    Note: If the nectarine complies with either a skin ground colour as prescribed or with a minimum average TSS of at least 13%, the average maximum pressure per fruit shall not be applicable.

    Minimum: 4.5
    Suggested minimum to ensure good quality: 6


  • Harvesting

    Generic information [NE2]

Other Quality Requirements At Pack

  • Quality Requirements

Packaging And Cold Storage

  • Internal Packaging (Standard Loose Pack)

    Standard 2.5 kg loose pack

    • Place shrivel sheet into carton with ends extending over the sides of the carton. A shrivel sheet of 400 mm x 800 mm with 48 perforations of 6mm in diameter is suggested. Shrivel sheets of different dimensions can be used but must overlap after folding over the fruit from both sides.
    • Place 300 x 400 mm pulp or plastic trays on top of shrivel sheet at bottom of carton.
    • After packing fruit on trays fold shrivel sheet over fruit from both sides. The intention is to wrap the shrivel sheet around the fruit.
    • Place 300 x 400 mm white corrugated sheet (58 g) on top of shrivel sheet.

    Standard 5 kg double layer loose pack

    • Pack as above but put a 3 mm 300 x 400 mm foam pad on top of the fruit on bottom layer before placing the second tray into the carton.
  • Punnets
    No special requirement
  • Other Packs
  • Cold Storage
    • Fantasia nectarines can be cold stored for up to 35 days, from the harvest date, at -0.5 °C. Fantasia nectarines are highly susceptible to woolliness and it is recommended to pre-condition it to a flesh firmness of 6 kg before cold storage.
    • For more information on handling after harvest, cooling and shipping – see generic information [NE4] and for more information on air freight see [NE10].


  • Dispensations for 2021 Season

    Dispensations for 2021 season will be shared here.

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